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Fabricada con tecnología patentada LFT tiene Stringer HD con Composite Aeroespacial que le confiere el flex perfecto en cada maniobra 

Sistema  quillas FCSII 5 FINS

*Quillas no incluidas


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    Jean C. el día 05/03/2019Rápida y ligera acabados muy buenos

The SKX is the first ever Tomo Shortboard featuring a more traditional nose profile combined with traditional thumb tail and an innovative quad inside single concave bottom contour.

The SKX is also Stu Kennedy’s go to board when contest conditions are less than stellar. The ride is ultra responsive with notable drive and lift created by the planing hull, making it the ideal choice for those with an aggressive carving approach to wave riding, coupled with an aerial attack. 

Although designed to excel in all waves 1-4ft, the SKX is also an excellent onshore condition destroyer, perfect for linking sharp radical turns through bumpy sections with speed and control.

The SKX is Stuart Kennedy’s go to all-round shortboard for the 2017 season. Designed from a Sci-Fi foundation with a pulled in squash tail, the SKX is Stu’s board of choice for tricky contest conditions, such as variable beach breaks or choppy water where the Sci-Fi may red-line due to excess speed and lift from the wide tail block. The SKX features a compact outline with an even volume distribution and rocker that hints slightly to the lower end of the general wave spectrum. Combined with the Trademark Tomo (QISC) ‘Quad-Inside-Single-Concave’, the SKX has instant ‘get up and go’ and incredible responsiveness that compliments a dynamic wave attack. Volume suggestion: the SKX should be ridden slightly higher volumed due to the loose and highly responsive ride characteristics. (e.g. + 0.5 to 1.0L) TECH: LFT

All of Daniel Thomson’s Modern Planing Hull philosophies, elegantly
placed within the traditional high performance shortboard.
According to Daniel: “My M.P.H. philosophy is that at ground level, every
board should work well in crappy conditions. But the SKX also works
well in the conditions I designed it for, which is more of an unruly ocean
where a planning hull, a wide tail, might be too much lift and speed.
with the SKX, the squash tail will give a little more control in those situations.”
But what matters most in the SKX is the design placed within that
squash tail - Tomo’s Quad Inside Single Concave.
He describes it: “A regular channel might feel more trackey and drivey,
whereas the Q.I.S.C. enhances speed and promotes detachment from
the water until the board is on-rail. At that point, it really grips into the
wave like a channel bottom. It’s the best of both worlds.”
In speaking about the SKX, Daniel draws comparisons to it’s obvious
predecessor - his Sci-Fi for Slater Designs. And while the two boards
are related, they’re separate shapes for separate conditions.
Generally, most surfers will find that the Sci-Fi excels most in flatter
faced waves like Trestles, while the SKX is optimized more towards
round faces like Snapper.
Stuey Kennedy has been surfing this LFT shape in waves 4 to 14 foot,
but most surfers will find its sweet spot in 3 to 7 foot waves.
    5" 1"16 7/8"1 7/8"SQUASH17.8
    5" 2"17 1/8"1 15/16"SQUASH18.9
    5" 3"17 3/8"2"SQUASH19.9
    5" 4"17 5/8"2 1/16"SQUASH21
    5" 5"17 7/8"2 1/8"SQUASH22.3
    5" 6"18 1/8"2 3/16"SQUASH23.3
    5" 7"18 3/8"2 1/4"SQUASH24.7
    5" 8"18 5/8"2 5/16"SQUASH25.8
    5" 9"18 7/8"2 3/8"SQUASH27.3
    5" 10"19 1/8"2 7/16"SQUASH28.7
    5" 11"19 3/8"2 1/2"SQUASH30.2
    6" 0"19 5/8"2 9/16"SQUASH31.5
    6" 1"19 7/8"2 5/8"SQUASH32.8
    6" 2"20 1/8"2 11/16"SQUASH34.6
    6" 3"20 3/8"2 3/4"SQUASH36.0
    6" 4"20 5/8"2 13/16"SQUASH37.4
    6" 5"20 7/8"2 7/8"SQUASH39.4
    6" 6"21 1/8"2 15/16"SQUASH40.9

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